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Entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium size businesses even big corporations around the world cannot afford to miss opportunities nowadays in this competitive, techy, innovative and fast pace world of business. If infrastructure for success, people management and results orientated organisation, methods, systems and outsourcing strategies are not your cup of tea nowadays, then your organisation is not ready for success in this information age.

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  • By generating revenue with technology and leverage IT to help your business grow
  • Answering the simple question: do you have an A-Team in your IT organization?
  • Getting to know how you get your IT staff, your IT organization, or even your IT suppliers to do what you want them to do.
  • Knowing where your IT infrastructure is going.

  • Controlling what you can measure.
  • Identifying where are your blockages.
  • Realizing how many projects you can get through.
  • Getting help when you need it.
  • Knowing who your customers are.
  • And most importantly delivering "Speed to Market" Products.

To scale easily and fast—and outpace its rivals—your company must be IT-driven. Scale Up IT is the manual business owners need to understand how IT can keep the momentum going in their business and allow 

them to build a sustainable operation.

Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

Why not getting the bundle,  the Audiobook and the book. Listen to the ideas, the concepts and various frameworks [See below the 7th Pillars of Growth] to challenge your organisations and deliver speed to market innovative products.

Many people love marking up sections, highlighting 

important sections and taking notes. 

The AudioBook will make the perfect companion to the book.

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Challenge your organisation, your team and yourself facing day to day business challenges

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The benefits of listening on your way to or from work are immense and well documented.  

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                Leveraging Information Technology

                    to help grow your business.

4 Different Roles of IT

What is IT Governance?

4 Business Objectives 

"The quicker you automate the quicker you will dominate in your industry"

In the book as well as the audiobook you would find lots of tools, strategies and frameworks to Scale UP  your organisation by leveraging IT, as a business function. To transform the cost of running IT into an innovation powerhouse.

Our most powerful transformative framework


Systems and processes are here to support your ideas. Our methodology Growth by Design™ helps you in the management of the 7P - The Seven Pillars of Growth™ Framework


Do you have an A-Team in your organisation?


Who is doing what, when and where in your organisation?


Is your organisation using industry best practices?


Did you define how your organisation should execute your strategy?


Is your organistion excelling?


Is your organisation on the right track?

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